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Wealth Management Through Engineering

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PNKC continue to develop supply strategies anchored in business innovation for a specific industrial market segment that anchored the growth of the local economy. The following techniques and supply chain capability relying in years of information allowed the ISG group to structure the discipline of execution.

Examples of ISG services and technological products include:

  • Production compressors for actuating of pneumatic driven lines of Semi-Conductor plants
  • Refrigeration compressors inclusive for whole refrigeration cycle exhibited Above Average Coefficient of Performance in the cold storage industry .
  • Continuous Rating or base load Diesel Power Plants for all segments that require continuous operational availability.
  • Solar Power Plant Stations discerning the applicability of auxiliary renewable power supplementing the grid power and conforming to hourly load profile to accelerate capital finance recovery.
  • Wastewater treatment – sludge dewatering systems that ease the release of recycled water for own use or for release within the natural drainage as well as solid sludge disposal.
  • Mechanical Industrial lifts that engineers operational and maintenance vertical lifting of mean and materials conforming to the physical architectural framework of industrial and commercial structure.
  • Critical wire ropes of Quay cranes for extended service life with leading port terminals.