PNKC in a Nutshell

PHIL-NIPPON KYOEI CORPORATION is a SEC registered company by Filipino and Japanese engineers in 1995. Its mission is to spread the operational practice that planned engineering maintenance, strategic materials procurement and equipment performance monitoring are occasions to improve corporate returns and business profits.
PNKC is a holding company of strategic business units engaged in industrial trading, technical consultancy, power and energy, shipping maintenance and operations, and cold storage and logistic services. Since its incorporation, PNKC has established solid business relationships with companies belonging to the top 1000 Philippine corporations for all its related businesses. Technomarine Co. Ltd., a company based in Kobe, Japan, owns 40% of the total equity of PNKC.

The cornerstone that sets apart PNKC’s operations is the Industrial Sales Group (ISG). ISG is responsible for the supply and sale of industrial equipment, spare parts and appurtenances, and engineering services required by industrial plants, power plants, and marine and shipping companies. Through its Japanese principals, the supply chain group constantly engineers purchasing strategies and schemes that lower capital and operating expenditures for its clientele.
PNKC is also a  niche player  in the power industry. It has the resources, technology, and organization to undertake Build-Own-Operate (BOO) projects ranging from 100 KW to 40 MW base-load demand capacities for industrial manufacturers, and to engage in power sales agreement.  PNKC’s initial niche is in    heavy industries that require their own power source.
PNKC provides self-generated power  in the conventional   base load reciprocating piston type  diesel power plants.   Its subsidiary  Exergy Inc  also championed  the use  amorphous  in tandem with  micro      crystalline silicon  solar power plant  for multi-national companies who desires  environmental  friendly operations. Building its strength and expertise in the power industry, PNKC has completed projects involving 50 MW self-installed capacity generating plants.

Significant synergies of all PNKC strategic business units result in the sharing of competencies and resources, which keeps operating costs at a reasonable level of around 25% of total revenues. To date, PNKC has      business units and affiliates that offers specific engineering services in cold storage warehousing in Glacier industrial facilities, health equipment performance monitoring in Aura Integrators Corp. and engineering, procurement and construction services for  medium size industrial plants in Mannvits Corp.

Strategic Business Units

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Glacier Megafridge Inc.
Integrated Logistic Solutions to Cold Chain Infrastructure

A cold storage, warehousing and logistics company.

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Exergy Phils Corporation
Power Without Limits

An affiliate company of PNKC created with the purpose of specializing in solar power.  

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Mannvits Corporation
Intensive Engineering

Offers a comprehensive and innovative services, particularly in the refrigeration industry and energy audit.

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Aura Integrators Corp.
Utilizing Science in Engineering Service

Anchored in providing after sales service.

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